Accenture’s hardware patent attempts to enhance the security and scalability of blockchain

Accenture, a professional services company, recently applied for a patent that uses blockchain patent hardware to seek to increase the speed and security of blockchain transactions. (Annotation: The patent actually contains the entire system solution, which can be matched and supported by any hardware HSM, such as the HMI hardware device THas that has cooperated with Thales, followed by a patent illustration.)

In addition to accelerating the operation of the blockchain software, the patent titled ‘Hardware Blockchain Acceleration’ ‘patent chain hardware acceleration’ actually covers the security improvements in financial software applications.

According to Accenture, the demand for this technology is in response to recent rapid advances in communications and electronic technology, and the latest security threats and intimidation.

According to the patent filed on August 2, 2018, many different entities (participants) in the chain will need to ensure their security and efficiency in the execution of complex transactions, including not only software process processing, hardware system coordination And the unique characteristics of individual features.


In the patent book, Accenture stated that this invention has improved security and scalability. This evidence is the result of the invention of the encryption and decryption of data executed by hardware devices and software and is, therefore, higher than just hard. Body or software solution.

Explained in the patent book: ” According to the results of the implementation, the experiment proves that the security and scalability are increased a lot, then the pure software security system. “

In the blockchain patent application filed by Accenture, it is also mentioned that many inventions on the market are mostly achieved by a combination of many different software and hardware combinations. 

” For example, all or part of the program practice is actually an electronic circuit, including those such as instruction processors, like central processing units (CPUs), microcontrollers, microprocessors, or special application chips such as (ASIC), programmable. Logic elements (PLDs), field-programmable gate arrays(FPGAs), or, as in conventional electronic circuits, contain decentralized logic elements and other electronic circuit components, like analog line components, digital line components, or both, or any combination of the above. ” is described in the application of the patent. 

The original link is as follows: Accenture Hardware Patent Seeks to Enhance Blockchain Security and Scalability

(Annotation: The Solution Archive allows you to integrate any blockchain application into the hardware, from the Accenture company)

(Annotation: A more detailed system architecture, a high-level system solution block diagram, source from Accenture)

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