The Ukrainian Election Commission publicly announced the results of the voting through the NEM blockchain!

One from the Election Committee of Ukraine, the 7th in the facebook issued a document said they are using technology to blockchain NEM vote. This experimental election can be seen as a pioneering program using blockchain voting.

Oleksandr Stelmakh, the national registration official from the Ukrainian Central Election, said in a post that he is satisfied with the current test progress. He said, “This experiment will continue with the application of blockchain technology to vote.”

He recorded that they had created and tested a vote a few weeks ago. The voting system used a NEM blockchain network with 28 nodes. He added that “it is still open for voting and anyone can join”

The results of this experimental vote were attributed to the local NEM Ukrainian organization that cooperated exclusively with the Ukrainian government, running an internal test network and testing the virtual currency contributed by the organization, Anton Bosenko added.

According to the current exchange rate calculation, in order to support the official election, each polling station must prepare a virtual currency of about $1,227. He believes that this expenditure is only a small price compared to the authenticity of ensuring that voting materials are intact and not tampered with.

Ukraine has officially confirmed the process of regulatory regulation of virtual currency, and it is only halfway to be completed. Although the National Financial Stability Council only publicly supported the concept of identifying digital assets as a financial management tool last month, and Cointelegraph reported that although mining is relatively low in electricity consumption, Ukraine has no intention of regulating the informal mining industry.

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