2025 blockchain business opportunities rushed 5 trillion Taiwan how to fight for a place?

Blockchain booms, this technology is subverting the world’s industries, society, and future human life patterns, and is also known as the “next generation of the Internet”, the Gartner survey estimates, global blocks The chain business opportunity will reach US$170 billion (approximately 5.1 trillion US dollars) by 2025. However, in the face of the blockchain wave, how should Taiwan link internationally, grasp business opportunities, and gain a place in the world? What preparations should the government and industry do to create a new world of “decentralization” for Taiwan?

Optimistic about the huge potential of Taiwan’s development blockchain, the international heavyweight blockchain forum “World Blockchain Summit” (WBS) will set a precedent in Taiwan, will be joined by the world’s leading international business activity consulting company Trescon The BCRC (Blockchain Research Center), which brings the WBS World Blockchain Summit to Taiwan, hopes to link industry applications and innovate by dialogue with world-class blockchain elites and industry and government. spark.

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