Taiwan’s potential, the world’s largest world blockchain summit will be staged next year

Optimistic about the huge potential of Taiwan’s development blockchain, the International Heavyweight Blockchain Forum “World Blockchain Summit” (WBS) will set a precedent in Taiwan. The event was led by Trescon, a world-renowned international business activity consulting company, and the BCRC (Blockchain Research Center), a California-based non-profit organization, to bring the WBS World Blockchain Summit to Taiwan, with the hope of being able to compete with world-class blockchains and Produce officials and learn multi-party dialogue, link industrial applications, and stimulate innovation sparks.

The WBS World Blockchain Summit is the world’s largest blockchain summit, held in more than 10 cities around the world, including Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and more. At the summit, we invited world-class lecturers in the field of blockchain technology, representatives of large international investment institutions, and top executives from all over the world to participate in the event. The WBS World Blockchain Summit will officially cooperate with the New Taipei City Government and will debut in Taitung in April 2019. It is expected to invite 40 to 50 elites from around the world and Taiwan to speak as a speaker to explore Taiwan’s blockchain. Development opportunities in the field.

Blockchain booms, this technology is subverting the world’s industries, society and future human life patterns, and is also known as the “next generation of the Internet”, the Gartner survey estimates, global blocks The chain business opportunity will reach US$170 billion (approximately 5.1 trillion US dollars) by 2025. However, in the face of the blockchain wave, how should Taiwan link internationally, grasp business opportunities, and gain a place in the world? What preparations should the government and industry do to create a new world of “decentralization” for Taiwan?

Mohammed Saleem, founder of Trescon, who hosted the WBS World Blockchain Summit, said: “We focus on identifying business opportunities for blockchain technology, first-time token distribution and commercial integration. Globally, we work with different government agencies. The WBS World Blockchain Summit will be brought into the world and become an international grand event.” “This is a great time to receive the support of the New Taipei City Government to bring the world-renowned WBS World Blockchain Summit to Taiwan. Taiwan has a strong hard The strength of the manufacturing industry, and has welcomed the international blockchain developers with open arms, representing Taiwan is on the way to the best blockchain center in Asia and the Pacific.”

Mohammed Saleem said: “For the Taipei Block’s World Blockchain Summit and Exhibition, we have gathered blockchain opinion leaders, solution providers, start-ups that can operate in Taiwan and attempt to find business opportunities in Taiwan and China. With the decentralized book technology as a solution, we strive to explore with the Chinese government the advantages of book-based technology for health care, social security, transportation and agriculture.”

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