2019: Will we finally witness a better blockchain user experience?

Look at the encryption services you use often. You have to admit: you have not fallen in love with it.

Some of these encryption services are fine, but most are terrible. I don’t mean the surface appeal of these products. Most of these products are still stuck in the dial-up era. I want to talk about how they work, how they are presented, and how they feel to users.

This is the current state of the user experience in the blockchain.

So far, the arrival of the encryption winter has not stopped the growth of the industry. The lack of a great user experience is already obvious, but it is not a breakthrough. The question is whether the encryption market has reached its upper limit, and the market needs some significant growth to expand to new types of users, regions and use cases that are not yet covered.

While everyone is eager to see this market crash eventually stop and recover, I think this is impossible unless the industry has realized the importance of providing a better user experience as a priority.

But I have reason to believe that 2019 will be an important year for us to start seeing this happen.

Legacy burden

To understand why we are still in the state of reviewing the user experience after nearly a decade, we need to understand that this industry is mainly composed of engineers and recently joined some financial managers. For these reasons, the priority is not the user experience, which is not only unsuitable for the expectations of the practitioners, but also impossible.

The first year is infrastructure, agreements and ideas. This approach has enabled us to make millions of users of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in collective market capitalization. This in itself is an unbelievable and significant achievement in an industry that is conservative and resistant to change.

Most of the contributors to this industry are outstanding thinkers and engineers, their mission, their dreams and a little greed. This industry has attracted some specific types of founders.

All of these cryptographic services have a similar look, vocabulary and identity.

There are many limiting factors that hinder the design of the blockchain industry. Just two of the most important factors: safety and regulation.

It is difficult to make blockchain products enjoyable, fast, simple, and at the same time very safe. In terms of financial assets, priority should always be security. In addition, there is a need to comply with regulations. When they are clear and exist, they will add a lot of friction points in the service process. Starting from “know your customers” and “anti-money laundering”, they are both painful and necessary. of.

Not many industries need this level of clarity and a lot of complexity to deal with. This is not a challenge for practitioners. Finally, let us not forget that we entered the revolution for only 10 years: many things are still being worked out, the conventions are almost non-existent, and we have not yet established common standards and best practices.

But the problem is that users are harsh judges.

When it comes to new services, their attention is very limited. As some great designers have said, “great products should be designed for animals, not for humans.” Most users are not Concerned about complexity. What they want is something useful, easy to use, and great. In particular, in the past two decades, most users have become accustomed to using high-standard products after using fast and easy-to-use quality products and applications.

Perhaps this is enough for the first batch of cryptographic services users. But we all know that encryption services have reached the upper limit; at this year’s DevCon, a well-known cryptographer even asked for a better user experience directly from the famous hardware wallet CTO.

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