McAfee In Exile

Beginning on January 22, the troubled 2020 presidential candidate and quirky encryption champion John McAfee posted a series of videos on Twitter announcing that he is escaping the allegations made by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS (IRS) Against him, his wife and four unnamed campaigners. McAfee tells his followers not to worry – he will start his 2020 presidential campaign from the international waters during his exile.

The tweet from the first video released by McAfee states that he was accused of “using Crypto Cuttencies in crimes against the US government.” The video shows a well-dressed McAfee on board, drinking in his hand and an American flag behind him. “On January 22, the US Internal Revenue Service convened a grand jury in Tennessee,” McAfee said. “I filed a complaint with myself, my wife, and my four campaign staff, which involved a very important country. Tax bureau crime.”

McAfee told his audience that he had not paid taxes for eight years – a fact that made him proud. He reiterated his long-standing belief that “sometimes cryptocurrencies will confront the government”, because once the private coins are used on a large scale, the government will no longer be able to levy taxes, they will shrink and be forced to find other income. source. McAfee called this “a good thing.”

In the second video released later that day, McAfee looked even more exhausted. Holding a plate of food in his hand, he explained what he thought he was and the IRS. McAfee said that the conflict between old and new cultures triggered by new technologies “changed the world.” He believes that “cryptocurrency is one of these technologies” because it allows people to free themselves from the government-controlled “currency egg yolk” and thus control everyone’s life. McAfee said that he has been at the forefront of private and government-controlled funding conflicts, which is why the government is targeting him. “I was cut down to become one of the tallest trees in the forest, as a warning to others.”

McAfee has a history of suspicious statements. In early August 2018, he offered a $100,000 bounty to anyone who could crack the new encryption wallet released by technology company Bitfi, which he called “not to be shaken.”However, by the end of the month, network security company Pen Test Patterners announced that it had stripped the device and found it to be just a basic version of the Android phone, offering “no obvious tamper protection.”

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