The government takes advantage of the platform industry to earn foreign exchange -2019 How does Taiwan breakthrough financial technology?

Text / Technology Financial Consultant Zheng Xugao

Recently, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe mentioned in the press conference of the Taipei City United Hospital’s field trial pilot project that it will provide relevant industry communication in five fields, including education, transportation, medical care, construction and electronic ticket (youyou card). The industry experimental field will also continue to promote cashless transactions.


For the introduction of blockchain technology, what is the technical and architectural direction? For example, we suggest that you can choose a suitable public chain (such as Ethereum) technology, and then build a smart contract (such as ERC20) Running blockchain virtual currency (also known as a digital asset), combined with ERC721 for customization for a variety of consumer fields and applications. Imposed through with the digital wallet can be accessed on the block chain complete record of customer records and a variety of consumer spending habits, the data collected can also be used to infer the consumer’s spending power (contribution) to collect customer lists Eli grasps and promotes consumption again . As for the degree of consumption contribution, it is not necessary to design rewards in the form of digital currency. This lays a good foundation for the construction and management of the ecosystem.


In industrial applications, due to the traditional low liquidity of many assets (such as high-end residential or luxury homes), if you can increase liquidity through virtual currency (such as real estate tokens), attract global capital attention, and also reduce purchases as property certificates. The threshold (holding the asset by holding virtual currency) can create a multi-party win-win situation.

Our system is a separation of five powers. Officials in charge of executive power are responsible for launching policies, but they do not have much training on science and technology issues when they are selected, which means they also need to go through research and learning. Most of the legislators are nominated by elections and political parties. There is still considerable political burden and tenure and time constraints. After all, the election is the focus, and the scientific and technological issues may not provide too many votes .

(Author Zheng Xugao is a US and Taiwan accountant, an internationally recognized anti-money launderer, and a financial technology consultant.)

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