What makes the blockchain bigger than bitcoin investment?

For those lucky enough to buy Bitcoin early, it proved to be a very wise investment after the price of cryptocurrency peaked at the end of 2017 and exceeded $20,000. However, despite the huge gains in Bitcoin, last year saw the crypto exchange rate approaching the bottom to a low of $3,500. 
There is a general thinking process among cryptographers, and Bitcoin will never reach its highest point in history.Even so, the basic technology of Bitcoin is still the blockchain, which still provides a lot of hope for investors. 
If you are considering investing in a blockchain, you should look at the unlimited initial coin products and buy those who are exploring the blockchain, not the digital currency. 
There are many startups out there, and if you are thinking about investing, it may be a good idea to turn to an expert for advice. 
In the past year, when the price of cryptocurrency fell to a minimum, many people were calculating losses. Even so, venture capitalists have been looking for new ways to enter blockchain technology as early as possible.

In fact, last year’s blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused startup venture capital investments almost quadrupled, which meant it climbed from $1 billion to $3.9 billion. 
In a similar manner, the number of completed transactions increased from 211 to 384. Sequoia Capital’s $400 million investment in coin miner manufacturer Bitmain was also included. Blockchain-based cloud computer developer Dfinity raised $163 million and the banking industry’s $122 million blockchain investment for service provider R3. 
Some industries seem to be moving quickly to blockchains to make their operations smoother and easier. Not only that, it also ensures transparency and improves security through many other uses. In the coming years, the requirements of startups and their technology will also become higher and higher. 
More than 40 industries can benefit from the blockchain, but for now, we will have to wait and see.

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