Global Smart City Summit

Global Smart City Summit

The next edition of the world’s biggest business event takes place in China on March 2020

The real solutions for cities are the major part of the Global Smart City Summit 2020 at China

The 2-day Global Smart City Summit will take place on March 2020 and will focus on case studies of real and deployed/deployable solutions from cities around the world. Running across the 2 days will also be their major Challenges – around current issues that cities face, winning companies will get the chance to implement their ideas by signing contracts with the cities as well as sharing vital information with all the other cities in attendance.

Covering smart city administration, smart transportation, and the city environment, smart energy, mobility and health, and delivering better livability the event will be very practical and interactive.

The biggest advantage for companies is the face-to-face meeting opportunities to meet, network, discuss issues and see implemented solutions with the high representatives, government figures and other notable profiles from major cities around the world.

There are so many ideas from all around the world, so many great thought leaders bravely touching upon issues those are so hard to resolve for many cities. In short, during these 2 to 3 days Entrepreneurs can access a lot of firms, cities, and countries that it would normally take years to contact.

Who all are attending:

High-level representatives – Some of the mayors and other notable public sector authorities from across the globe who joined us to share their insights into smart cities.

Governmental Representatives – Each year Global Smart City Summit welcomes a large number of key government authorities from around the world to discuss common challenges and share the latest technologies for sustainable urban planning.

Institutional Representatives – Major global institutions play a crucial role each year at Global Smart City Summit, gathering together during the 3 days to exchange smart city solutions and best practices.

City & Country Pavilions – Cities, regions, and countries from around the globe were on hand to share their smart city know-how and projects at stands and delegation points around the summit.

Speakers – Subject matter experts and visionaries all around the world will be taken to the stage at the Summit

Partners – Major business investors, Companies with innovative ideas and products and Venture Capitalists

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