Bangladesh Explores Possibility of Blockchain Training with IT Fund

In an effort to increase the level of expertise in the field of distributed ledger technology, the government of Bangladesh has expressed its intentions to send 100 new graduates for Blockchain training in Japan and India according to the reports by Bangladesh’s English-language newspaper The Daily Star on Aug 4. The country also plans to explore artificial intelligence machine learning and cybersecurity as well.

In addition to this effort, the authorities also plan to send 200 graduates of computer science and electrical and electronics engineering to gain professional knowledge in the future trends of information technology, seeing that the world IT space is fast changing.

The program will be fully funded by a governmental fund that has been created in association with an Indian line of credit in order to establish 12 district ICT and hi-tech parks. The funding of the project, which was reported to have been launched in for implementation in July 2017, and will last until June 2020 is worth 17.96 billion Bangladeshi takas (approximately $208 million USD).

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