Blockchain becoming revolutionary Technology in Emerging markets

After a booming year in 2017 the crypto market dropped to its lowest point in late 2018, a period we now call crypto winter. With bitcoin values slowly going up in price the predictions on the Internet seem more and more positive, the year 2019 could become a good year for cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. In the year 2018, the global Bitcoin market was worth $143 billion, but judging from the recent trends it is possible that this number will surely go up in the next few years.

Internet Privacy

Privacy and security solutions for online activities are almost impossible to find. The steps we take while browsing, shopping, sending, receiving and storing data are closely watched and filtered, to be used for various purposes and the lack of anonymity while transferring our money has become a serious issue.

Cryptocurrency or digital cash has demonstrated its importance in the last years, for users, the biggest significance is the fact that it enables privacy in financial transactions. Crypto transfers are controlled by Blockchain technology and therefore don’t require the middleman anymore. They are quick, secure and don’t request information about parties involved. The most valued points about decentralized cryptocurrencies are anonymity and safe payment procedures.

Crypto Gambling

With the protection of Blockchain for safe payments, a new market emerged. A market that allows gamblers in online casinos to place bets from anywhere in the world anonymously, avoiding hidden expenses, bank transfer or conversion fees. The biggest licensed, online casinos, in line with Fortune Jack, are offering the use of a wide range of cryptocurrencies that can be used for crypto gambling. If you are willing to try it, but you don’t have any knowledge yet, all useful information is easily accessed right there.

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