FDA Plans to Switch to Blockchain for Improved Operations

In order to improve drug and medical products feedbacks and reviews, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to include the Blockchain regime in their operational networks. Dr. Amy Abernethy, the Principal Deputy Commissioner and Acting Chief Information Officer at FDA shared her positive inference about the same. Abernethy said that FDA is looking to modernize the way health care providers, drug manufacturers and regulatory agencies communicate at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Third Interoperability Forum on August 22, 2019.

Dr. Amy Abernethy also said that the FDA agency plans to roll out uses of AI, APIs and Blockchain in this facet of modernization.

Abernethy added, “I want FDA to get our own technical house in order so that tech can ‘snap in’ – we can be agile and efficient. We need to be able to have common interfaces with industry so we can pass data between our organizations, have collaborative review, etc. Traceability back to source allows for the ability to crosscheck and workflow solutions.”

It is exclaimed that the real time transfer of data and information can equip the regulatory agencies to act faster, proportionately speeding up the review process. It is expected that FDA can effectively communicate with medical manufacturers. This will in parallel support “determining when something should be recalled or a product label should be adjusted.” Dr. Amy Abernethy said.

With improved data flows, medicine will become more targeted and patient-centric. The association will be in effect in a month or two as per the FDA spokesperson.

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