Telecom Giant Vodafone Teams Up With IBM for Trust Your Supplier Blockchain

With the notion of bringing clarity and efficiency to the plot and simplify and improve processes around the supplier compliance, Vodafone has planned to work in collaboration with IBM. The project is called Trust Your Supplier (TYS). It will be steered by major players like Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) CEO and director of supply chain management Ninian Wilson said, “There are number of founder members who are collaborating on the TYS Blockchain capability and we are one of those companies.”

Wilson shared his expectations on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be ‘up and running’ in 2019. We are actually helping steer that Blockchain Company to deliver something, not just for Vodafone or IBM, but a wider set of companies,” Wilson said.

Given this current industry status quo, IBM came up with the idea of improving operations and communicated Vodafoe about the solution. IBM believes that by harnessing Blockchain plan, small players can reduce the hitches for market entry while maintaining the big players pretty much operative satisfying all the governing policies.

IBM’s plan included harnessing Blockchain, as well as working with multiple big players, Essentially, instead of requiring providing necessary information many times to many entities, that supplier can merely succumb that information one time to all those larger companies involved. Wilson described, “The product isn’t there yet, but we have formed this sort of consortium, if you wish to call it that, to sort of get things moving.”

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