Video Game Developers Will Now Have the Ability to Seamlessly Integrate Games with Ethereum

Hoard, a company tokenizing virtual goods and services to make them tradable in video games in a manner that is honest for all participants, is releasing its free & open-source Software Development Kit for Unity, along with its first game integration called “My Memory of Us” (MMoU).

At the same time there will be collaboration between My Memory of Us and Plasma Dog. A special edition MMoU expansion pack will be available in Plasma Dog and will have interoperable gameplay using Blockchain. Just recently Hoard also partnered up with OmiseGo, a company that enables financial inclusion and interoperability through the public, decentralized OMG network. This partnership will allow gamers to spend their in-game currency in the real world for everyday items, like a cup of coffee.

The new free and open source software development kit is expected to make it easy for any game developer to inject True Ownership of digital assets into their games using Plasma and Ethereum. Every item that gets minted using the SDK is then automatically available in Hoard‘s decentralized exchange (DEX). Players are free to trade and engage in all types of commerce on the exchange. The DEX can then be whitelabeled and installed directly into any game using SDK, so studios can manage their own marketplaces.

Later next year, a crowdfunding platform will be launched for game developers to offer presale access and items to early contributors.

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