Can Blockchain Detect Fake Drugs? Zuellig Pharma says…

As per certain studies done on medical products in developing countries, it is inferred that one in ten is fake and the eradication of the same is very critical as far as the patients are concerned.

With the intention of nullifying fake drugs in market Zuellig Pharma, a pharmaceutical giant in the Asia-Pacific region has come up with the idea of incorporating Blockchain technology in the supply chain of essential drugs.

Through 4thhe eZTracker app powered by SAP’s blockchain platform that Zuelig Pharma has developed, the consumer will be able to check the authenticity of a drug and ensure whether it has been legitimately distributed through barcode scanning.

“If a product is fake, alerts will be automatically triggered to the manufacturer and to Zuellig Pharma, together with an instant identification of where the fake product entered the supply chain,” Zuelig Pharma was quoted saying.

 Zuellig Pharma’s head of SAP and IT solutions, Daniel Laverick, explained about the eZTracker application. He said that the SAP blockchain platform captures data from the drug manufacturer about a drug that it has received at its warehouse onto a blockchain. While the drug is moving internally within Zuellig before being shipped to consumers, information like drug type, batch numbers etc. are saved on blockchain.

When the drug reaches the consumers hands, he can access information like when and where a consumer used eZTracker to scan the drug’s barcode saved in the blockchain. If a drug is detected to be fake, consumers will be alarmed and advised to take actions by informing the authorities or take necessary treatment if the consumer has already consumed the fake drug.

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