Mobile Phone Manufacturing Giant Samsung to Launch Blockchain Friendly Smartphones

Samsung has decided to launch smartphones that supports ad functions closely with the Blockchain technology in the market. The Galaxy Note 10 will have Blockchain apps and crypto currency wallet installed. The Seoul based mobile manufacturing giant is releasing the alternative of its newest flagship phone for boosting the taking on of Blockchain technology.

Named after a South Korean Blockchain platform, the Galaxy Note 10 with the Blockchain and crypto feature will be coined as ‘KlaytnPhone’. For now, the sale will be only in the South Korean province. Samsung has said that the newest smartphone will not be different from the two sizes of smart phones coming under the Galaxy Note 10 banner in terms of hardware and packaging. The prices will also be much similar and according to the latest reports and inferences the price expected to start from $1000.

The KlaytnPhone will embark Samsung’s deepest expedition into Blockchain. The Klaytn platform was formed by Groun X Corp. and Samsung tie-up and is the Blockchain partner of South Korea’s largest messaging app operator, Kakao Corp. Ground X was quoted saying that the company is committed to transforming Blockchain technology to be applicable in everyday life.

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