Security Matters Files Patent for Cannabis on Blockchain

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed company Security Matters, a supply chain based Blockchain Technology Company has filed for patency materials and methods used in marking, classifying and identifying of seeds and plants. The company said its patent can be utilized for marking, tracking and managing the supply chain of cannabis plants, its products and derived elements.

The company claims its patency for its own chemical solution for marking plants during its various stages of growth to cultivation and even directly to seed before planting. The company has already started commercializing its technology that uses a hidden chemical-based barcode to permanently mark any object. The barcode can be read by processing the corresponding data stored, which is secured and safe-proofed using Blockchain technology.

A statement issued by the company has remarked that the marking solution can be applied to the seed or plant through coating, irrigation and fertilization method and can be used for authentication, supervision and supply chain management of the plant and its by-products.

Haggai Alon, the founder and CEO of Security Matters said, “SMXs technology has the ability to do this and can ensure both needs are met without the requirement for complex genetic modification or negative impact to the cannabis seed, plants or plant products.”  Further he added, “This patent application supports SMXs business model to partner with global leading companies and indicates our ability to create a digital twin from a raw material to finished product.”

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