This Engagement Platform Aims to Foster Collaboration and Innovation on Blockchain Technology

Singapore-based Tribe Accelerator has launched blockchain-driven OpenNodes, a web-based engagement platform that aims to connect government agencies, corporates and blockchain companies onto a single online platform to foster innovation and collaboration.

The initiative, supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) along with other 20 organisations, OpenNodes is expected to promote the development of interconnected ecosystems, enabling members across different industry clusters to discover opportunities and collaborate on ideas easily.

“This platform will bring the key stakeholders of the blockchain ecosystem closer together, consolidating efforts towards mass adoption to cultivate a stronger blockchain environment, and help homegrown companies develop, innovate, and navigate today’s digital landscape,” the statement cited IMDA’s assistant chief executive, Philip Heah.

Some of the key features of OpenNodes are as follows:

  • Directory listing of various stakeholders in Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem which facilitates the discovery of market and collaboration opportunities
  • Bridge blockchain knowledge gap and talent gap
  • Provide highly curated educational content on blockchain
  • A forum to discuss about new trends in the market 
  • Job listings feature to connect talents with blockchain recruiters

“We want this platform to serve as an accessible common ground for blockchain special interest groups and business ecosystems to come together, and advance blockchain adoption,” Ryan Chew, managing partner of Tribe Accelerator said.

OpenNodes is expected to be launched to the public at the end of this year, the accelerator said.

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