TON to go public Testing on September 2019

Telegram Open Network (TON) will launch public testing on 1st September. As part of this public testing, there will be code releases for TON nodes and guidelines as of where to set up the hub. The consensus, mechanisms and sharing plans will be accessible for testing.

In a recent declaration, Telegram had informed that its investors are prepared to send out a primary set of the TON blockchain’s local token, GRAM, within two months. Telegram plans to give its 200 million or more clients access to GRAM wallets. As per a clause mentioned in the agreement with investors Telegram should kick start a functional blockchain by October 31, 2019.

When TON starts its prospective operations in September, there will be nodes in the test system and when the system is opened, the clients in the system can operate their very own nodes. On the other hand, ICO launched by GRAM will also be circulated among the investors in two months.

TON which was expected to make a big impact in December 2018 had dropped the plan due to certain unprecedented hitches. Nevertheless, if GRAM is not distributed to the investors, the relevant assets must be refunded before end of October this year.

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