Coca Cola Using Blockchain for $21-Billion-Per-Year Network

Coca Cola’s bottlers are implementing blockchain technology to manage their cross-party transactions.

A Business Insider report on Nov. 5 revealed that Coke One North America (CONA) — the tech firm that manages IT operations for the soda giant’s bottlers is using a blockchain solution developed by German software firm SAP to manage its supply chain.

As the report notes, CONA manages a platform to oversee multiple franchises that manufacture, bottle and ship nearly 160,000 orders of Coca-Cola products daily. Andrei Semenov, senior manager at CONA, told Business Insider: There are a number of transactions that are cross-companies and multiparty those are inefficient. They go through intermediaries; they are very slow. And we felt that we could improve this and save some money.

With blockchain, CONA expects to reduce the duration of order-reconciliation from 50 days to just a few days. An inter-organizational, transparent distributed ledger will give real-time insights into the transactions made by all the different bottlers on the network, which generates over $21 billion in revenue per year.

Semenov outlined how a decision was reached regarding the extent and nature of the data deemed necessary to share between franchises, explaining that: There was a negotiation and discussion, getting to a consensus of what data we wanted to share. We started with a huge list of data attributes, and we narrowed it down to the list that everybody agreed on.” 

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