Reuters to Provide Fact-Checking for Facebook Amid 2020 US Presidential Elections

In partnership with Facebook, Reuters has established a new unit tasked with identifying misinformation on social media. 

As Reuters reported on Feb. 12, social media giant Facebook’s Third-Party-Fact-Checking Program and the news outlet have jointly launched a fact-checking initiative in a bid to identify misinformation on social media. Specifically, Reuters will verify information posted on Facebook and Instagram in the run-up to the United States elections and after.

Reuter’s dedicated unit will assess the authenticity of user-generated media files, headlines and other content in both English and Spanish.

The initiative was announced on the heels of Reuters’ passing the necessary certification by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) on Feb. 7. Although Reuters is a well-established news organization that had previously produced fact checks, it has not yet produced them on a regular basis for a sustained period of time, wrote Michael Wagner, an IFCN assessor, in the conclusions and recommendations.

“It is the case that Reuters’ political and community activity policy will not be compliant with IFCN standards, but it should be noted that their policy is realistic and reasonable,” Wagner concluded.

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