Blockstream Plans for World’s First Blockchain-enabled Public Satellite Service

According to Satellite Today (, Chris Cook, CTO, Blockstream, made an interesting statement. Blockstream is a blockchain and financial cryptography company, and the first to distribute bitcoin blockchain via satellite. Cook said that his firm is planning for the first blockchain-enabled public satellite service.

Two years ago, Blockstream jumped into the space sector with Blockstream Satellite. This is the world’s first public satellite service that allows anyone to operate and maintain Bitcoin nodes. This doesn’t require the constraints of traditional network connectivity.

The service will be offered from five transponders on four GEO communication satellites. This is free to anyone once they have purchased about $100 in components, including a small 45-inch antenna. Cook said that Blockstream has no idea how many users are leveraging the network. This is because the network and service are designed to protect the anonymity of customers.

Cook said that when they launched in 2017, two-thirds of the world had been covered by them. This includes North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. The Asia Pacific, from Australia to Japan, China, and part of India was added a year later.

Cook added that their upcoming release, which will be out in the Fourth Quarter (Q4), is a big improvement. They are further increasing coverage and availability options around the world and increased bandwidth with some more interesting applications. This indicates that the bandwidth has improved by a factor of five. This means the Asia/Pacific region will be adding Ku-band for part of the region.

Blockstream has designed its core satellite network to distribute the bitcoin blockchain. They also enabled service where anybody can send any data via their satellite network and then pay in bitcoin.

Reported by: Blockchain News Corporation

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