‘The Sandbox’ Game on Ethereum Announces Third LAND Presale

Ethereum users will soon be able to take advantage of another blockchain based game with nonfungible token technology.

The Sandbox (TSB), a mobile creation game with more than 40 million downloads, announced on March 12 they would be holding a third presale of the game’s virtual spaces called LAND starting on March 31st at 1:00 PM GMT.

TSB has quickly become one of the most coveted blockchain games on the market. The first presale of the game was in Dec. 2019, which sold more than 3000 pieces of LAND in four hours. TSB announced the second presale on Feb. 16, which sold 6,192 pieces, bringing in 800 ETH, or approximately 206,000 USD.  

TSG has 166,464 pieces of LAND in total, meaning about 5% of the available space has already been sold in the first two presales. The Sandbox has assured potential buyers that not only will more LAND be available.

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