DeFiMe: Decentralizing Financial Medium Launched 2 Million XACO Tokens On 9/6/2020 at Exactly 12:00 Midnight London Time

As a part of the CryptoMoonShots community, launched their Decentralizing Financial Medium that gives power to new and innovative projects to script advanced changes in the future. Their newly minted ERC-20 tokens called XACO are the main currency used in, Defime’s flagship financing platform that provides opportunities to pledge XACO for a slew of benefits ranging from special deals, exclusive discounts to high-quality products and access to an all-in-one platform to support DeFi projects and Kickstarter ideas, enabling buyers to back such innovative ideas for future transformation. Investors may also use these tokens to buy consumer products at unimaginable discounts or back DeFi & Kickstarter projects for compounding interest gain.

Backers of the token get 10 bonus tokens per 100 and 110 extra tokens per 1000 purchase. The Tokens offer a plethora of benefits to startup, Kickstarter, and consumer goods projects for market penetration, diversifying investments, and getting the best deals and discounts with 3x to 4x times lesser market prices for consumer goods.

The more the sales of XACO Token, the greater will be the appreciation of XACO Tokens against other Tokens at the OTC, making you purchase more, invest more, and earn more. Since there’s a 10% premium insurance charge, the investments are safeguarded, ensuring sustainable liquidity, better returns and more opportunities of pledging investments.


Benefits of liquidity on liquidity with campaign backing.

Consistent return and projected prices to rise with the close of the pre-sale window.

More products to buy or projects to back at a much higher rate of return.

Ultimately, is reaching out to investors in hopes of piquing their interest, garnering the interest of others along the way and perhaps turning XACO into a potential moonshot.

With the investor’s participation, hope their project will be a grand success. The pre-sale will end in less than 24 hours as it will only last for one day. XACO wishes this day will turn out to be a high yielding Saturday for their valued investors.

Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

P.S. Anyone interested please feel free to get free XACO via airdrop here: