Blockchain is redesigning the background of the out-dated financial system in Europe

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Blockchain is redesigning the background of out-dated financial system in Europe

The growth of technological adoption has brought a drastic change caused by the coronavirus outbreak.  The financial system was among the first industries to accept it. The transition from a cash based culture to card payments in many parts of Europe became more notable. This had caused a growing interest in crypto payments and stable coins.

Cash may soon become a remnant of the past. Eventually, it may be regarded not only as out-dated but an unsecured medium for payments. No one is sure when the COVID-19 pandemic will end and what to expect next. Social distancing and remote interactions will likely stay in place for quite some time if not years and things, such as delivery drones, driverless cars and robotics have been gaining more exposure and renewed interest.

Unlike the U.S and Asia, which have a positive attitude toward different innovations and new trends, Europe has been well-known for its adherence to traditions and conservatism. But the time has come to embrace change.

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