Boston Based Docsun Labs Makes a Breakthrough on Fighting COVID-19

The World unites to fight the Invisible! AI and Docsun Lab paves the way

Boston-based Docsun Medical Computational Laboratory is on the verge of a breakthrough to test Covid-19 related Lung abnormalities within seconds. This helps in speeding up the global efforts to fight the pandemic and enabling mass testing.

With nearly 4M Confirmed CoronaVirus cases all around the globe, the pandemic has brought the World to a lockdown. No Country is spared and the major economies have been forced to a standstill to fight the invisible. However, the enthusiasm and solidarity of the world to fight the virus is commendable. Though there have been immense efforts by Governments across the world, the end of this is very far. With Containment measures already in place, testing for the virus is still a challenge.

The existing testing methods take nearly 8hrs to give the result which is a setback towards the effort to mitigate the spread. There are infected people around the world unknowingly and unintentionally are the carriers of the virus. To ensure the efforts to fight the inevitable is to ramp up the testing rate and time. The Covid-19 vaccine is very far from achievable, and mass testing is the only way forward in the near future. Advanced and Modern technologies have the solution to the pandemic. With its research center in Taiwan, Docsun Computational Laboratory is expecting a breakthrough in the coming weeks to confirm infections within seconds.

Observations so far around the globe have concluded the presence of abnormalities in the Lung after being infected. The AI-powered testing solution can classify the risk of infection depending upon the abnormalities obtained through Chest X-ray as Low, Medium, and High risk within a minute. The algorithm has been developed to understand the abnormalities present in X-rays in various stages of the infections as the data feed.

The biggest drawback to suspect the infection is the incubation period of up to 14 days till which there will be no display of symptoms. But, there are internal changes in respiratory organs over the course of the Incubation period. This demands the need for a technology-driven testing method to curb the spreading.

“Technology-driven solutions provide an alternative to traditional testing methods that takes from hours to days to confirm the presence of the virus. Faster detection means faster treatment. We have invested ourselves to develop the AI Computationusing Chest X-Ray to enhance the testing capability,” said James Weis, CEO, Docsun Medical Computation Lab.

According to James Weis, the AI algorithm is fed with abnormalities in the lungs observed over the course of incubation. The AI-based testing solution helps in detecting Lung Consolidation, Ground-Glass opacities, and other abnormalities that are signs of the viral infection. The system is developed to provide certain key metrics such as the size and volume of abnormalities. The system also takes into account the demographic mapping that helps determine the zones based on the number of infections.

“The Artificial Intelligence solution not only helps in detection but also helps in determining the response to different treatment approaches. This ensures optimization of treatment plans to patients depending upon the risk of infection,” he said.

Founded in 2019 by experts in advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data, Docsun Labs has partnered with China Medical University and Hospital to test the technology and is expected to start the trials in early June. The Laboratory has partnered with various Universities and developers across the World to understand the respiratory reactions and make the solution more effective.

The results so far in the simulation have been positive and the health tech firm is confident to go ahead on human trials at the earliest. The firm believes to remove the workload on the healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians with an easy to access and detect solution saving time and money.

The solution can be accessed on mobile and laptop by healthcare personnel enabling effective testing and monitoring. The testing method also enables the demographic monitoring that helps determine the hotspots for the infection and also in contact tracing that optimizes the supply chain and treatment.

The firm has previously been successful in identifying certain tumors in the lungs, brain, and stomach. Leveraging this success, the team is enthusiastic to develop them fully operational testing techniques.

Ted Huang, Docsun Medical Computation Labs said, “ We are very close to
developing an accurate format to employ Chest X-Ray to provide Real-Time
Detection to support those in the frontline of this battle with Covid-19 Pandemic.”

The World wishes to be in the future and to see the light in the other end of the tunnel, it has to fight this invisible battle with unity. The Virus makes no
discrimination and is paving its path the achieve domination. People across various fields have been doing their bit to fight the virus, and Docsun Labs is also among those front line warriors striving to bring in a better solution.

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