Shipping Startup 300 cubits suspends Its Blockchain Operations

Blockchain shipping startup 300cubits suspended the operations of its booking module and the circulation of its TEU token.

As industry news outlet The Maritime Executive reported Sept. 30, Hong Kong-based 300cubits is believed to be one of the first firms to apply blockchain technologies in shipping.

As per the report, 300cubits’ system began accepting trial shipments in March 2018 and was launched into live production in July 2018. It is also claimed that its TEU tokens are still one of the more recognized digital assets in maritime space.

Still, low transaction volume only a couple hundred containers have used the system made the operation unfruitful.

The greatest marketing impediment for the company was reportedly the lack of clarity in regulatory regimes concerning crypto assets, which pushed users away. A partnership with major ocean trade platform INTTRA was called off at the last moment because of this reason, according to the article. Now that the system was suspended, 300cubits will burn 75% of its TEU tokens, which have not been sold yet, and will burn more in the future as they circulate back

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