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Once again BNC is covering the recent most important world news from Business, Health, Medical, Trade, Financial and World Politics. This can give an overall idea of the latest happenings around the world to our valuable readers.

1. Total COVID-19 cases across the world crosses 5 million and death reaches 345,000, where United States is on the top nearing 100,000

2. Arguments over the origin of coronavirus rising tension between the United States and China. President Donald Trump even praised China and its President Xi Jinping for the successful management of the crisis. Once the virus began to hurt the American people, President Trump and members of his party started to blame China for producing the coronavirus in a laboratory.

3. Relations between China and the U.S. have become tenser, and they could become a headwind for the stock market as China becomes a bigger election issue in the US.

4. Business booms for crypto-exchanges as the economy takes a punch as more investors find refuge in virtual currencies with share markets and traditional assets taking a punch over worries about the health of the economy battered by the coronavirus outbreak.

5. The Libra Association is announcing Libra 2.0. Libra Association released a new paper on Libra. After denouncing Libra 1.0, the initiators, Facebook with other technology players had proposed starting a new version of Libra with many changes from the first one.

6. Iran reported launching its first-ever military satellite into orbit which U.S. Space Command confirmed with a tweet. The 18th Space Control Squadron Tweeted that it was tracking two objects, NOUR 01, the satellite, and the rocket body that brought it into a stable orbit.

7. A Republican-led Senate review unanimously agreed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, undercutting claims by Trump and his allies that the previous intelligence assessments were wrong.

8. An approximately 150-foot long siphonophore, a string-like ocean creature made up of clusters of cells that can clone themselves thousands of times, was recently found near the coast of Australia.

9. Questions over Kim Jong Un’s health have circulated after the North Korean leader missed a major public holiday. News agencies around the world suspect that something may be wrong with Kim Jong-Un’s health.

10. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is nearly $187 million behind President Donald Trump in campaign funding for the 2020 election.

11. Deal Extends Netanyahu’s Rule as Rival Accepts Israeli Unity Government. The political unrest in Israel may be coming to an end following an agreement made between Benjamin Netanyahu and his political rival Benny Gantz.

12. Oil Market Completely Crashes To Negative Territory. Crude dropped to $0, and then continued its downward fall to -$37.63 a barrel. That’s the lowest price for crude oil since the NYMEX opened up oil futures for trading in 1983.

13. An unconfirmed study finds hydroxychloroquine has no benefit of helping patients suffering from COVID-19. The study from a review of veterans’ medical charts, was posted on and has yet to be published in a medical journal.

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