Vodafone to link energy-generating resources using IOT and Blockchain

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Vodafone to link energy generating resources using IOT and Blockchain. Vodafone plans to link billions of distributed energy generating assets to grids using the Internet of Things and blockchain technology.

Vodafone and Energy Web

Global telecommunications giant Vodafone has partnered with blockchain startup Energy Web to connect “billions” of distributed energy generating assets via internet-of-things (IoT) and distributed ledger technology.

The firms will develop a system inspired by the way those telecom operators securely identify mobile phones using SIM cards for grids to identify and track distributed energy sources.

This connection needs to be simple and secure, ensuring assets are easily able to be connected to, and managed by, energy and communication networks around the globe.

While Vodafone has been engaging with blockchain technology for many years, recent months have seen increased DLT adoption from the telecoms giant.

In March, Vodafone revealed it was exploring to use blockchain to streamline internal processes.

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