2019- Witness a better Blockchain experience

It is difficult to make blockchain products enjoyable, fast, simple, and at the same time very safe. In terms of financial assets, priority should always be security. In addition, there is a need to comply with regulations. Starting from “know your customers” and “anti-money laundering”, they are both painful and necessary.

But the problem is that users are harsh judges. When it comes to new services, their attention is very limited. As some great designers have said, “great products should be designed for animals, not for humans.” Most users are not concerned about the complexity. What they want is something useful, easy to use, and efficient. In particular, in the past two decades, most users have become accustomed to using high-standard products after using fast and easy-to-use quality products and applications.

Perhaps this is enough for the first batch of cryptographic services users. But we all know that encryption services have reached the upper limit; at this year’s DevCon, a well-known cryptographer even asked for a better user experience directly from the famous hardware wallet CTO. While everyone is eager to see this market crash eventually stop and recover, I think this is impossible unless the industry has realized the importance of providing a better user experience as a priority.

But I have reason to believe that 2019 will be an important year for us to start seeing this happen.

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