Can Amazon be saved by Blockchain and Crypto?

In the fuming discussions about Amazon wildfire and its aftermath that waits, the Rainforest Foundation has come up with the idea of backing up the anti-deforestation efforts with the support of crypto and Blockchain.

It was on September 4th that the Rainforest Foundation put forward their proposal to the Crypto and Blockchain community. The Rainforest Foundation has made it clear that it will accept crypto currency donations in the form of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and other crypto currencies.

Rainforest Foundation is currently working on Blockchain preliminary that ensure high transparency for the donators who can clearly keep trail of the foundation in the Amazon forest and prize local communities who are shielding the Amazon with crypto. The foundation is also looking forward to the use of smart contracts for preventing the forest from illegal lodgers, traffickers and gold miners.

Suzanne Pelletier, Executive Director of Rainforest Foundation said, “Business as usual has gotten us to this point. Philanthropy as usual won’t get us out. We need innovative solutions and no one is more innovative than crypto currency users.”

Suzanne had also said that the ominous situation in the Amazon forest is the very reason why they have come up with such innovative solutions.

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