DeFiMe: Bringing Together Finance and Crowdfunding to Help Businesses in the COVID-19 Crisis or the Decentralizing Financial Medium is a flagship decentralized platform that provides opportunities to investors and consumers alike to invest in both early-stage startups and established companies for a slew of benefits such as special deals and discounts to products and services. The platform works collectively to provide a win-win situation for buyers, sellers, and investors when they use the new XACO coins for pledging, purchasing, exchange, or investment on the platform. aims to bring about an emerging revolution in the financing space via three key parts:

1. Financing Insurance against any and all types of fraud, backed by collateral in the form of crypto.

2.  A newly minted, rapidly increasing, demand-based XACO coin used for utility in pledging and purchasing products, services, or for getting discounts on the platform from a plethora of SMEs and big corporations projects.

3.  Opens up a new marketplace full of possibilities even in light of the economic crisis brought about by COVID-19, seeking to help bring the airlines, retail, manufacturing, and technology industries closer to those in need of their products and services, thereby enhancing their operation and financial needs with the support from the DeFi market community.

The platform’s prime focus is to envisage hassle-free financing for smart and innovative projects via crowdfunding by the community. That said, you can use your liquidity to earn more liquidity to back more projects or earning returns on your investments using the  XACO Tokens.

What Does That Mean for the Community?

Sellers will have broader market coverage due to increasing demand for XACO Tokens that will give additional benefits to buyers in the form of highly competitive or lesser prices in comparison to regular projects. Whereas project backers will get instant interest or returns on their backing via XACO Tokens compounded and subsequently transferred to their wallet via smart-contracts.   At the same time, there will be a lottery draw for the projects the investors back to get free giveaways or highly unimaginable discounted rates.  The platform will be experimental in its initial stage where investors, buyers and sellers have the leverage to mitigate their risk elements significantly. However, sets itself apart from the rest through:

  • Better user experience, prioritizing design, and ease of use in order to take the decentralized finance space to a wider array of markets.
  • Broadening the scope for B2B & B2C selling by 2x to 3x times more through the use of XACO coins.
  • Enhancing market penetration for sellers giving out discounted rates to attract customers.
  • Stimulating better customer outreach as an online decentralized financial platform.
  • Offering better scope for B2C with wider product variations and lesser prices as compared to traditional online and real-world markets.
  • Ensuring warranty and security provided via a 10% premium for DeFi & Kickstarter projects locked in the liquidity pool.

Projects and Platform Launch

In, all the consumers and Kickstarter projects will be active for a specific timeline to instantly incentivize the investors backing those projects. As a result, investors’ money will not be locked for long in the liquidity pool and they can diversify their investments to earn more dividends or LP (Liquidity Pool)  Tokens for consistent regular return governed by smart contracts.

As the platform is primarily self-financed using XACO tokens, we wish to create our own decentralized financing marketplace where it is advantageous for both buyers and sellers to hold XACO for use to get lower prices on products and services, as well as to help finance their businesses respectively with a consistently higher return.

The best part is project backers and investors investing in the DeFi market of DeCentralized Financial Medium get always the promise of appreciation or they can completely withdraw their funds from the liquidity pool by selling their tokens to other backers or borrowers in exchange for higher interest rates to always stay safe in their investments. That said, XACO Tokens always ensure consistently rolling their investment with little or no scope for loss. XACO is based on ERC 20 Standards and can be swapped with all other tokens following ERC 20 standard protocols.

The Future

For better sustainability in the decentralized ecosystem, will advocate for community governance rather than a centralized regulating force. The functional protocols to keep the platform running will be determined by all the participating stakeholders on the platform who will be getting governance  XACO Tokens on the platform to make the operations decentralized, transparent, and safe for prolonged sustainability of the platform.