Taipei World Blockchain Summit (WBS) helps Taiwan’s dream blockchain island

On April 25th, the World Blockchain Summit was held in New Taipei City. 30 top guests from 12 countries around the world gathered to discuss the promotion programs in the Taiwan blockchain field. The summit attracted 300+ interested audiences. The Mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Youyi, visited the summit and witnessed the “Memorandum of Cooperation between Xinbei Chuanglifang and New North City Blockchain Promotion Office and Dubai Blockchain Center” to strengthen the blockchain information exchange between New Taipei City and Dubai City. . In the future, we must promote professional self-training and technology sharing and exchange between the two sides. We believe that through this global heavyweight blockchain forum, New North will establish a closer cooperative relationship with the international development and technology fields to promote the rise of New North. New Taipei City will be transformed into a new blockchain chain.

Future regional governments will not miss out on any forward-looking technology improvements and effectively lead the organization’s boom. The forefront of the world pattern has brought the world into the new north and brought the new north to the world. Mayor Hou Youyi said that in today’s fast-changing society and rapid changes in technology, technological development is a modern and enterprising way, especially for young people who are later on. Learning and progress are the best hardware for solving problems. The government’s first priority is to help young people prepare their weapons. Subsequently, considering the global blockchain trend, the regional government effectively introduced the front-end weapon blockchain into New Taipei City. In addition to the government’s establishment of the “New North City Blockchain Promotion Office” in 2018, this year (2019), we started another initial step of the “World Blockchain Summit” held in Taiwan, welcoming experts from all over the world. Get together and promote a new technology landscape to keep young people in New Taipei City in sync with the world. Often, given the role of the executive branch or different businesses, it is conceivable to promote personal life by providing imaginative advances (such as blockchains) while promoting sustainable urban development and building a local And a practical smart city.

As pointed out by the Economic Development Board, blockchain technology has recently received special considerations from different backgrounds. In any case, the use of blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrencies, but can be widely used in banking, insurance, supply chain management, medical, real estate, systems management, online music and other industries, companies in all industries can use the block. Chain technology has undergone earth-shaking development. By 2025, the new business of the global blockchain will reach $170 billion. The development capability of the blockchain is eternal. In order to keep pace with the global market, New Taipei City has reached a cooperation goal with Dubai City through this summit, which marks the joint efforts of Xinbei Chuanglifang and New North City Blockchain Promotion Office and Dubai Blockchain Center.

After learning about the latest developments, the tracking system needs to develop the sharing of expert data and technology between the two parties, and hopes to use the experience of the blockchain to create a smart city community, so that New Taipei City has more opportunities to comprehend and study. EDB said that the “World Blockchain Summit” has been held in Dubai since 2017. It has more than 15 regions, including key regions including Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Canada and India. The summit held in New Taipei City from April 25th to 26th was the first time that Taiwan held the summit, which marked that New Taipei City has become a world-class city.

The Blockchain Research Center (BCRC) is designed to help urban governments in the Asia Pacific region develop smart cities. This WBS is the first milestone and achievement of BCRC, assisting and contacting the New Taipei City Government and Trescon to participate in the international summit, promoting technology development, promoting industry integration, and promoting the application of blockchain industry and developing smart cities. WBS and BCRC wish to emphasize the following experience again:

artificial intelligence


cloud computing

Big Data

The extensive experience and systems of these industries provide leading-edge technology with the best strategic position to inspire innovation.

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