Ted Huang, a pioneer in financial technology, came to Taiwan to share financial technology innovation with students

The general manager of a US multinational company who originally worked on the Tokenize system platform for mobile payment is a key player in mobile payment and e-wallet development . Ted Huang , who joined Yang Braxter as a board advisor last year , should be in Shanghai business. The Savings Bank invited the Taipei University of Commerce to share with FinTech; Financial Technology the impact and innovation of the financial system and various industries. Ted Huang pointed out that the majors in school and traditional definitions will be rewritten by the innovation of financial technology, and hope to help students combine theory and practice through speeches.

Ted Huang, the current chairman of the Blockchain Research Foundation, is known as the “Financial Technology Economy Pioneer” because it designs a mobile payment system that can give about 2 billion global bank accounts without the bank account, but the person with a smart phone is financially free. Ted Huang from Wall Street, the former general manager of US multinationals who worked on the Tokenize system platform for mobile payment, is a key player in mobile payment and e-wallet development.

Ted Huang said that the traditional finance profession will be rewritten by technological innovations, such as the use of blockchain technology to simplify shipping and aviation procedures. Ted Huang hopes that through the speech, the students of Finance and Finance will combine theory and practice to help the society and make more practical applications.

Ted Huang is sponsored by the world-class IT finance industry and established the Blockchain Research Foundation, a blockchain non-profit organization in Palo Alto, California, to educate the public about the industrial application of blockchains. Organize events to promote the practical application of blockchain.

Ted Huang said that in recent years, the blockchain has been hot, and relevant government agencies and organizations have been eager to understand the possibility of combining blockchain technology with industry, seeking innovation and achieving the possibility of reducing costs and increasing revenue. Therefore, the Blockchain Research Foundation invites world-class blockchain summits and exhibitions to the Asia-Pacific region, and combines the organizational concept of “industrial application of blockchains” to invite organizations such as guilds and governments to join, which will bring new areas to Taiwan. The blockchain industry combines awareness.

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