The blockchain game: the best virtual currency and encryption assets for players

For Bitcoin, because virtual currency is used as a collective application and blockchain as an innovation, it has created a market that is rapidly developing and growing. While some industries have proven that they can adopt blockchain applications, some industries are still more conservative when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The important thing to consider is that the game industry has proven to be highly influential in personally advocating blockchain technology and virtual currency. Some companies in the gaming industry have used digital currency for more than a decade. E-sports and games, two twin-like worlds, are among the biggest in the industry, with around 2.2 billion players worldwide by 2017.

The number of 2.2 billion players is impressive, and these players are expected to make more than $108 billion in profits. It’s amazing. The global market is expanding both in terms of player numbers and profits. Experts estimate that the profits of the eSports and gaming industry will exceed $128.5 billion in 2020.

In all industries that utilize blockchain technology, the game market is more active in many respects than other industries and is ready to integrate blockchain technology. The game-related currencies have spread all over the world. These currencies are exploding in both value and quantity. . The creation and large-scale use of virtual currency in the game industry may change the economic model of the game industry. These currencies are growing at an exponential rate, and almost every day will have another peak of innovation.

A lot of game tokens and economic ecosystems can be used as the “poster-cryptos” of the game industry, from which you can know how the blockchain can reform the market and make the market run smoother, and open a game for game developers and players. A world with financial potential.

Play with blockchain

Here are some of the game virtual currencies that we think are easy to participate or worth noting.

GameCredits (GAME)

The main kinetics of GameCredits include the creation of a digital currency-oriented gaming platform. The GameCredits platform focuses on providing a secure, robust and sophisticated system with the goal of replacing the current buying systems and options used in games.

This platform is a program created by the game industry to the game industry. In summary, GameCredits operates in open code and peer-to-peer currency, allowing players to use virtual currency to buy and sell game content, as well as allowing players and developers to pay in virtual currency.

Currently Google Play and Apple only accept credit card payments. Instead, GameCredits takes time to consider PC players and add virtual currency to their marketing system to expand payment methods and deposit options.

GameCredits (GAME) was released in 2015 under the name of GamersCoin (GMC) and later changed to its current name.

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