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BNC started in 2017 with the idea of making the Blockchain technology more ‘known’ to people and organizations all over the world. We have the first-hand experience and conduct thorough research on the immense possibilities of Blockchain to transform industries across a diverse spectrum.

Currently, BNC has more than 10 million subscribers globally. We were bestowed with the Best News Agency award by the Digital Economic Forum for sharing the most and relevant awareness articles in the field of blockchain.

Number Of Followers On Social Media

BNC has around over 4+ million reach on social media

We’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium

Audience Demographics

We have readers from all over the world like Russia, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and African countries. On request from our esteemed readers and followers of BnC, we decided to publish articles in Russian and Spanish other than English and Chinese. BnC is accessible in 4 different languages.

Press Releases / Milestones

BNC continuously strives to be the most authentic and the most accepted Blockchain news source in the world. This is why we possess the following hallmarks that make our site unique and wanted by a large proportion of online surfers.

  • · BNC Started in February 2017 with English and Chinese articles
  • · Reached over a million readership in 6 months
  • · Expanded with more experienced resources on September 2019
  • · Started article translations in to Russian and Spanish on January 2020
  • · Crossed 10 Million readers on February 2020


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