Blockchain Industry Summit 2020 (BIS 2020)

Blockchain Industry Summit 2020 (BIS 2020) is the biggest gathering of the Blockchain technology world. Since 2017, Blockchain News Corporation (BNC) has attracted every major company, developer, founder, and investor in the Blockchain world to engage with the latest happenings and the potential growth about the future of the industry. BIS 2020 is the platform for exchange of deep actionable insights into the world of Blockchain revolution. BNC aims to break down the barriers that separate companies in the industry and allows everyone working on the technology to spend 2 days learning from their peers. Our pride  speakers ranging from titans of Wall Street, Leaders from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 executives to cryptographers and the core developers who powered the world’s most valuable Blockchain initiatives.


BIS 2020 is the major industry summit that brings entrepreneurs, pioneers, traders, developers, and the keen investors together under one roof to explore, collaborate and debate the future of Blockchain. The Blockchain Industry Summit focuses on bringing around 1000 decision makers and business owners across key industries together for 2 days of world-class debates and discussions from industry leaders for developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Whether you are looking for partnerships, business development or investments, BIS 2020 is the place to be. With the entire ecosystem including banks, financial services firms, Healthcare providers, Insurance industry leaders, technology giants, Shipping and Logistics firms, Automotive industries, startups and governments all under one roof for 2-full days.


There is an exclusive networking cocktail party associated with Blockchain Industry Summit 2020 for all registered attendees and sponsors of the BIS 2020.

Join us to celebrate the success of Blockchain in New York and meet some of the world’s top Blockchain industry leaders for networking in June, 2020.


Regardless of your line of business, BIS 2020 hosts a wide variety of industry leaders who are shaping the future and advancing the reach of Blockchain technology. Whether you’re looking for partnerships, business development or investments, BIS 2020 at New York City is the place to be.

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