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Blockchain is a technology that recently got invented in 2008. During its maiden stages, Blockchain was introduced as a technology to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

What is Blockchain? In simple terms, it is a technology that has a growing list of records called ‘blocks’ that are linked using crypto currency. By design, there cannot be any modification that can be made to the data. The Blockchain technology can efficiently record transactions between two parties in a certifiable way.

Blockchain works in the global atmosphere knowing no boundaries or jurisdictions. There are many people who were initially fascinated by the Blockchain technology includes cryptographers, data scientists and software industries. Understanding the multitudes that Blockchain can serve, it could attract the people from Venture Capitalists, Cyber Law Enforcement team, Financial Intermediaries and Regulatory Authorities. On a daily basis, the demand for the Blockchain technology is widening to larger spectrums and hence it is only essentially proportional to have an online intermediary who can reach the Blockchain related news to more of the world. Hence BNC!

The is the online portal that keeps the Blockchain onlookers in the internet posted and updated about the new terminologies, technicalities, jargons and news. Blockchain earlier used to be very private business with very limited indications provided to the layman or the public. It was regarded to be a serious business that two countries or powerful organizations across the globe alone had admittance to.

With the emerging waves of Blockchain in the Financial Technology world, there was much more publicity that this technology gained in a very short period. However during the initial mode or in the current state of the technology, the security of the technology remains undoubted. Initially those organizations that had turned presumptuous about the possibilities of Blockchain slowly started embracing the technology.

BNC which has always invested our time, effort and resources in researching and theorizing the Blockchain technology believed that this technology needs to be spread and put into practice by more of the world’s population. With this aim in mind, we kick-started the online web portal bringing the necessary and relevant news concerns in the Blockchain technology. We have been continually striving and successfully educating our readers with the latest happenings in the Blockchain world.


The smart world that we live in comes up with new technologies and strategic tools making our lives comfier in different perspectives. One such technology that has the world’s attention now is the Blockchain! The immense scope of Blockchain has lured the world’s top organizations and successful businessmen to explore the stupendous benefits that it offers. This is why, we believe it is only too appropriate to bring to you the latest news and updates about Blockchain technology through Blockchain News (BNC).

BNC started in 2017 with the idea of making the Blockchain technology more ‘known’ to people and organizations all over the world. Why is this important to us? Because we have thorough research and first-hand experience of the immense possibilities of Blockchain that industries in diverse spectrums can gain benefits from!

Currently, BNC has more than 10 million subscribers globally. We were bestowed with the Best News Agency award by the Digital Economic Forum for sharing the most and relevant awareness articles in the field of Blockchain technology.

We work towards making Blockchain live vicariously through BNC by hosting events like Global Smart City. Our primary focus by conducting programs as such is to steer the Blockchain technology to the right industries. Ours’s an entwined operation with the policies upheld by the World Blockchain Economic Forum.

With each milestone that we achieve, we hold ourselves in a very responsible position and whole-heartedly and continually work towards the next level of excellence in the journey of making Blockchain technology one of the most wanted technologies by industries across the globe.


  1. Blockchain: Technology for storing data in a chronological and linked chain of blocks that are cryptographically encrypted
  2. Cryptocurrency: Digital asset defined and exchanged by Blockchain protocol and Blockchain Technology respectively
  3. Decentralization: Control of the network distributed to various players
  4. DLT: Distributed Ledger Technology creating and sharing cryptographically secured database
  5. BNC: Short form of Blockchain News, an online news portal for latest Blockchain updates


Internet is the paramount solution for finding answers to your questions. We, at BNC believe that a person who is new or is a pro in the Blockchain technology will depend on internet for finding answers and explanations pertaining to different queries.

When a person who is new to the Blockchain Technology surfs the internet for relevant answers for questions like:

What is Blockchain?
When and where was its introduction?
The timeline and history of Blockchain
What is the purpose of Blockchain?
Can Blockchain be trusted?

We will be ready with the authentic answers procured from steadfast sources. This is true for our effort taken to answer the queries from the Blockchain technology experts who are keenly interested in the following areas of Blockchain:

What is the latest news updates in Blockchain?
Which all companies have adapted to the Blockchain Technology?
Which is the company best-practicing Blockchain?
What are the latest terms emerging in the field of Blockchain?


BNC is entirely aware of what the critical Blockchain news readers are interested in and are persistently trying towards making our site the most authentic and the most accepted Blockchain sites in the world. This is why we possess the following hallmarks that make our site unique and wanted by a large proportion of online surfers.

BNC has the most trusted and authentic sources trafficking information

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Publishing, newsletters, customer experiences and review articles concerning Blockchain

Frequent updating of the site with research papers, theories and hypothesis publication of the Blockchain experts


Transferring funds instantly between two parties in an online space, without a middle man or third party is favored on the Internet of Value of Blockchain. Digital currency is immensely supported by this evolutionary technology. The initial reforms were induced in the financial and entertainment industries. In the now, there is more demand coming up for the technology from the real estate and E-commerce platforms.

This profound applicability of Blockchain technology in the online platform is well apprehended by BNC and is largely endorsing it with the objective of bridging the gap between brands, consumers and financial lenders. BNC persistently try towards iterating the digital age and counterbalance the power exercised by banks and large corporations. BNC propels towards the aim of generalizing the benefits of Blockchain to more people and industries across the globe.


When new technologies are developed, they provide new opportunities to innovative companies and disrupt whole industries.

Technology is still moving forward, and CIOs will need to deal with many more disruptive technologies in their careers. They’ll need to hire talented IT professionals to help them adapt to the changes.

Blockchain is a digital leader that’s used to record transactions. The ledger is stored on a network of personal computers. The records, called blocks are time-stamped and linked to the previous blocks. This forms an unchangeable record. Once new data is entered it can never be erased.

Here are 9 big industries Blockchain technology will disrupt in the future.

The Banking Industry

Banks securely store money for their customers and steer money transfers. Banks levy high handling charges from customers for the various services availed by the customers. Alongside there are other charges like monthly service fare, credit card payments and different lending and borrowing transactions. Blockchain’s secure system could solve several problems for banks. The indisputable, permanent record of transactions could lower risks of banks’ money transacting operations. Customers will be able to see the status of their payments at any time. Money transfer will become an economical and quicker business.

Banks merging with the Blockchain technology will be capable of providing efficacious services to their customers.

The Money Transfer Industry

Many companies allow people to transfer money to each other, both domestically and internationally. They make their money by collecting a fee every time someone sends a money transfer. As the middleman, they are vulnerable to disrupt by Blockchain technology.

Some FinTech companies are taking advantage of this technology. They offer money transfers for lower fees than traditional providers charge. With Blockchain people can send money to each other directly, without paying any fees. Since the technology is new, this isn’t widely used but should be a concern for any company in money transfer industry.

The Stock Trading Industry

The stock trading Industry profits from commission and fees. When people buy or sell stocks, they need to pay a broker or middleman. Companies have worked to make the process of buying and selling stocks easier, but there are still more improvements that could be made.

These improvements could be made with the help of blockchain technology. With this technology trades can be made accurately and inexpensively. While traditional trades can take up to 3 days to be settled, blockchain can be settled instantly.

The trades can eliminate middleman.

The Online Music Industry

With the help of Blockchain artists may able to offer their songs directly to their listeners. This will then bypass the streaming services entirely. Artists may also decide to offer songs through Blockchain instead of going through a record label.

Streaming services don’t pay artists much per stream, and the streaming service and record label also get a cut of the profits. Some artists even go as far as removing their songs from streaming services.

The Real Estate Industry

Right now, there’s a lot of paperwork involved with real estate transactions. Errors in this paperwork could slip into public records and fraud and causes another potential complication.

With Blockchain, real estate data like liens and land titles can be stored safely and permanently. Documents will be secured and cost centric. Blockchain could also eliminate escrow companies. Smart contracts could also be created that would only release funds when contract conditions are met.

The Healthcare Industry

For patients to get good care, their medical records need to follow them from one doctor to another. When patients see several doctors, it’s easy for records to get lost or not be transferred between doctors. This causes discontinuity of medical care and improper treatments. Also may cause misdiagnosis or receive treatments due to their incomplete records.

This problem could be solved with Blockchain, which acts as an excellent platform for data storage, and used to hold patient’s medical records. Doctors, Hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare institutions could all see patients compete medical records.

The Legal Industry

Some types of litigation could be impacted by Blockchain technology. Family members doubt the genuineness of a will and turn to litigation to resolve a deceased property, disputes and legal issues. Lawyers also need to determine if the will and other documents are genuine or not.

Blockchain can make this process much easier. Since the records can’t be altered, information relating to wills can be securely stored. Lawyers who specialize in wills and similar disputes could find themselves out of the job.

The Ride sharing Industry

Ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi industry. To use ride sharing companies, customers need to go through a centralized network-an app to find drivers. The ride sharing companies are a middleman between riders and drivers and take a cut off fess.

With Blockchain, customers could bypass current ride sharing companies. La’Zooz is a ride sharing start-up that’s taking advantage of this technology. The start-up lets riders find drivers who are already making the trips they’d like to make. The company is decentralized, just like the technology its uses to process payments.

The Human Resources Industry

Human resources professionals have to do a lot of verification tasks during hiring. This is a time consuming work and they need to verify candidates’ employment histories and perform background checks. Right now the relevant records could get misplaced or even is falsified.

Blockchain ledgers can make HR’s verification tasks much easier. The ledgers can’t be falsified or tampered with, so it’s a good place to store records.


When there are other players in the market who sponsors the cosmic chances of Blockchain technology, there are certain specific targets that BNC can offer its readers like:

  • When adopting the Blockchain technology for the first time, there will be certain hitches in the beginning. It is vital to understand the necessary solution to tackle these curbs. BNC offers the front-to-end keys to address such adversities happening in the Blockchain process.
  • With other technologies like Internet of Things, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics catching attention in the market, it is vital to understand how Blockchain technology works in close association with these technologies, thus symbiotically benefitting every aspect interlinked to it. BNC updates all such essential editorials for comprehending the inter-dependencies of technologies and how well these can benefit the public or organizations.
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For sundry industries, it offers the latest updates and innovations happening in Blockchain Technology. Implementation of Blockchain system into the businesses and what is the aftermath that it offers in the arenas of security and reliability on transactions and money contracts.

BNC bottlenecked the practice of few systems which were time consuming, intricate and perilous. Blockchain had elucidations that have helped to reduce and fix these issues instantly. Most of the world still is surviving on the regular money transaction plots unaware of the time, effort and cost that Blockchain can offer, alongside other bonuses like security in money trafficking.

The additional advantages that BNC offers are illustrated below :

An elucidation in Blockchain-related broadcasts
Time centric site update
Blockchain experts and dedicated media team working behind the inward flow of site updates
Most recent updates and information on Blockchain and its influence in global industries.
Company’s first handbook reference for Blockchain-related queries.